our team

​Over 40 years combined experience in the chrome plating industry. We have extensive experience with motorcycle, car and truck parts. We also have experience with architectural parts and home furnishings.

plating ​Process

We offer a triple chrome process to ensure the best quality and a lasting finish. Every chromed part comes with a one year warranty that covers peeling and fading.

Metal Polishing ​services 

Before bringing ​your parts

Before bringing in your parts please remember to bring only the parts to be plated without any misc parts attached such as wires, cords, brake lines and bumper brackets. All parts must be completely disassembled. We do charge a $50 fee on bumpers for disassembly and bracket removal.

Every part is stripped down to the bare metal and most dents and dings repaired. We then polish the part to a mirror shine before plating. We also offer other polishing services such as custom grinding, satin finishes and more.

our Services

 We use the latest plating and polishing technology to provide high-quality service and quick turnaround. We chrome plate and mirror polish most parts from the smallest nuts and bolts to the largest bumpers. 

- Car trim and moldings
- Bumpers
- Rim polishing
- Home furnishings
- Car, Truck and Motorcycle parts
- Pot Metal restoration
- Mirror polishing
- Chrome, copper, and nickel plating

Coming soon: Plastic plating, Gold plating, and Black Chrome

We offer plating for a variety of different metals:

- Brass and Copper
- Stainless Steel
- Cast iron 
- Aluminum
- Pot Metal

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